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As I progress through my thoughts, and forcing myself to deal with them, I find myself looking to reach out to people. For instance, I talk to several people I have dated, and have been romantically involved with through the years. When I talk to these people, I am able to say things to them that I don't think I could've a month ago. I am able to admit that I made errors, and am able to set them right. Most people are like, you don't need to apologize for things that happened so long ago, but they are things that weigh heavily on my soul.

I am in this to make myself a better person, but not only for myself; for my family as well. I have regrets, and regardless of what anybody says, I believe we all do. Most people either learn to live with them, or block them out from their conscious thoughts. I feel that we must learn to embrace them, and realize that even though we may regrets they are there to remind us not to do it again. I think they are there to keep us from making the same mistakes over and over, because no matter what they are there. Even if you block them they will still show their head.

I still have trouble on some days. I will for the rest of my life probably, but the goal is learning to cope with the feelings. To not let my feelings overrun my sensibility, and logic. Panic is a real emotion, I am learning to control the anxiety that leads to it now.


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